The central figure in any custom software development is the client. We start our creation process by spending time with our client; listening to their needs, understanding their challenges, and acknowledging their strengths. We believe that the idea that drives any piece of software evolves from the client themselves – we’re here to build it.

Once we gain an understanding of the client needs, our coders and designer proceed to “shape” and build the software foundation.

We are well versed in the latest programming languages, meaning we deliver cutting-edge, multi-platform software capable of running on both PC’s and mobile devices.

Our final step in the creation process is implementing the software and ensuring it works. Our team will help in installing and running the software on site. We also provide our client’s staff with training, written manuals, and provide after care and support when needed.

Our Process

Project Management

Using the Agile framework we are able to provide the following services and benefits when developing software.

  •  A dedicated project manager for your solution
  •  A Project Brief and schedule and timeline with milestone progress
  •  Integration with clients existing helpdesk support and documentation
  •  Using these approaches we have a track record of being able to deliver faster results, at a reduced Costs to increase our clients Return on Investment
  •  Weekly status updates and monthly reports
  •  Web based client portal for project managers

Information architecture

Systems and solution architecture that consists of both hardware and software interconnections use of good well-structured design patterns and architecture not only speeds up the development process but also helps to prevent subtle issues that can cause major problems.

  •  Ensure the latest and current Structural design patterns and conventions are being utilised and implemented across the solution
  •  Algorithm strategies
  •  Behavioural Patterns
  •  Implementation strategies

Functionality & user acceptance testing

Use case testing and event driven diagrams to describe a set of inputs, the behaviour and the desired outputs from the process, this ensures the solution always provides the expected result.

  •  Use case analysis used in the development solution design
  •  3 Level development and testing protocol
  •  Developer and individual unit testing
  •  Independent testing environment not done by the developer
  •  Final deployment on client test environment for internal end user testing
  •  Testing and functionality reports a provided with detailed analysis
  •  Behavioural Patterns
  •  Implementation strategies


Platforms and Infrastructure on which our software is built tailored to your specific solution whether it be Windows based, Smartphone (Android, iPhone Os) or via a web browser.

  •  A fully managed Hosting service for any web applications can be provided with full backup and disaster recovery capabilities if client does not have any existing infrastructure in place
  •  Completely scale able and deployable solutions to clients existing infrastructure
  •  Hardware and software requirements and specifications
  •  Application / solution technical documentation


Graphical User Interface and how it affects end user experience, intuitive design and application use.

  •  Highly researched and detailed analysis for GUI experience and user interaction
  •  Enhancing the efficiency and ease of use of the underlying logical program
  •  Intuitive design patterns and user friendly features and functions
  •  Touch interface capability should the solution require this
  •  When designing we consider key aspects that include navigation, content, iconography, colours and formatting

Usability and training

During the implementation of any of our software solutions customers will be provided with complete end user access and feedback reports and training for all systems, in addition to this we also provide;

  •  A training manual / User help guide (available online also)
  •  A Trainers training guide
  •  Integration with clients existing helpdesk support and documentation
  •  Getting started guide and how to
  •  24/7 Email and Phone support if required
  •  Dedicated on-site support
  •  Assistance with the initial setup and importing of any existing or current information into your software solution so you are up and running in no time


We believe in the Agile Scrum Process.

We work with our clients in every process of the software life-cycle and welcome iterative feedback at any stage in the development process. We provide working software models to our clients to show project progress. Our focus is the delivery of technical excellence and design.


Microsoft .NET Technology Stack

HTML 5/JQuery - Javascipt/CSS


Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools

Android/iOS development tools