Software bugs and issue tracking, logging, and reporting system



Avella is our bug and issue tracking application that allows individual users to log bugs, errors, request new software features, and share information within their team. The software’s aim is to provide a central avenue for coders and project managers to log, view, inform and report on their current projects with the rest of their team.

Individuals can log entries, see tasks being allocated to the team, assign specific individuals to issues, see a list of already resolved entries, and track the activities that were assigned to them. Avella will also report on all activities assigned and completed, both on an individual and whole-team level.


Avella 1
Avella 2


Avella’s features include:

  • Unlimited bug and issue entries
  • Automatic email notifications
  • Assign individual staff to each entry and/or notification
  • Easy integration with TITO`
  • Fully customisable to your specific requirements
  • Easy access from any platform, any time, any where
  • Avella is the one-stop solution to all your team’s task and project tracking.
  • Get in touch with us to see how we can personalise Avella to your organisation’s needs.