Multi-client asset maintenance and work orders system



Neiva is an innovative Asset Maintenance Visualisation System which enables companies to easily manage all aspects of their assets maintenance and work orders via  a multi-client based solution – from workshop operators to supervisors.

The system revolves around the key concept that users entering and assigning tasks are not always those who actually complete the work, and therefore complete visibility is needed when tasks are allocated by  these different groups. This greatly improves maintenance work flow and dynamic scheduling and ultimately optimises workshop planning requirements.

Neiva is able to integrate seamlessly with our ROS system, or can operate as a standalone package. It has also been integrated with clients’ existing GPS/RFiD systems to automate location tracking and workshop arrivals/departures.


Reduce planning time and identify critical paths sooner

Evaluate and optimize workshop based on asset utilisation needs

Multi user interface and access via web portals

Integration with yard management (ROS) and other corporate systems

Support mobile asset maintenance schedule

Backend admin module for application configuration and user access controls